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Message On Hold Greetings
For over two decades our Professional Audio Message On-Hold recordings have helped to keep thousands and thousands of callers on the line.

Our digitally recorded messages as heard by your callers while on hold will:


7 out of 10
Callers are
put On Hold.

What are they hearing?
Prevent hang-ups with a Professional Message On Hold
Big savings with our new package, combo & equipment specials including Digital Players from $169 or $195 !
Having studied the psychology of callers while holding allows us to optimize your on-hold script presenting your message in the most positive way. Of course supplying the proper music to match your message is also a must and that's why we give you access to our large on-line library for selection. We even have an on-line section to help you gather information and ideas for the script we create for you. Your on-hold script and music will match your company's image & industry, and will sound great!

Within this website you'll find out how easy it is to get a Message
On Hold working for you. From Professionally Voiced and Produced On-Hold Messages, Auto-Attendant Greetings and Voice Mailbox Greetings to Digital Playback/Record devices and even actual phone systems capable of accepting your on hold message, like TalkSwitch. For those of you that don't have the capability of adding on-hold audio or even placing your call on-hold we have exciting devices of the latest technology designed to do just that. From small one line setups to 2, 3, 4, or more telephone lines - we've got you covered! To get you started, click here.
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