Professional Message On Hold recordings
OHP 7500 "Auto/Manual Load"
CD - MP3 - WMA - SD Secure Digital Memory
MOH Player/Recorder with Analog Interface
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OHP 4000 Digital Message On Hold player and recorder
OHP 4000 Digital Message On Hold / Music On Hold player and recorder IS THE OHP 7500 RIGHT FOR YOU?

Allows your consumer / small business phones to now provide Message On Hold to your on-hold audience. Load your OHP7000 with any standard Compact Disc (CD) with MP3 or standard CD audio of one or more tracks. You can also "drag" an MP3 into the OHP7000

You get one to eight hours of onboard memory to store your Messages for On Hold use! (depending on your sample rate) Need more time? Just insert a Secure Digital memory stick or card (SD), now available everywhere.

If your phone system has a central unit (PBX/KSU) and already has a Music / Message On Hold audio input, learn more about our OHP7000
Digital Flash Memory - 128MB of on-board flash memory stores over 480 minutes (sampled at 32kbps) of awesome-sounding content. Additional Secure Digital card can add over 70 hours of content for continuous playback (with optional 1GB SD card. Smaller size memory card may be used).
Integrated CD Mechanism - Quickly and easily record high quality audio from an Audio CD or MP3 CD. CD media is easy and inexpensive to duplicate and distribute.
CD Autoload - drop in a CD with a single track, close the lid, and the unit automatically records the content.
USB Connection - Connect to your PC via USB to add new content or update firmware.
PC Connection...strictly optional - Unit uses PC only to update content stored in flash memory. Updated content can optionally be added by copying an MP3 or WMA audio file to a Secure Digital (SD) card without the unit ever being connected to a PC or network.
Auto-start after Power Loss - If power to the unit is lost, unit immediately returns to continuous playback with all settings without human intervention.
LCD Control Panel - 6-line backlit LCD panel displays ID-3 tags with descriptive names of tracks for easy identification and selection. Display also shows a variety of important information so user can choose playback preferences and easily determine unit's operational status.
Built-In Monitor Speaker - Allows user to monitor sound with the flip of a switch.
Wall-Mountable - Unit can be mounted, played and recorded in a vertical position.
Included Extras
Comes equipped with power supply, audio to phone system cord and audio adapter (RCA female to 1/8" male mini plug)
3-year warranty
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